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veterans empowered to success

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V.E.T.S is a veteran centered organization helping veterans, their families, children and our communities. We offer a safe and healing environment in support of all veterans, with emphasis placed on female veterans, their special needs and challenges.

We are an alternative and integrative medical center devoted to helping veterans live, healthier and productive lives. We offer innovative, synergistic therapies that are focused on improving over-all health rather than on managing symptoms. Collaborative efforts with complimentary organizations to provide customized and well-rounded treatment.


The mission of Veterans Empowered to Success (V.E.T.S.) is to provide permanent solutions for veteran empowerment and successful re-integration into their civilian communities. 


Learn about our wide array of services that directly impact the lives of veterans from all walks of life, from emotional and psychological counseling to wellness and stress reduction programs. 

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Your charitable donations can directly impact the lives of military veterans in need, opening doors for them that might otherwise be closed. 

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Our programs cover a broad spectrum of methods for assisting veterans in their recovery and retraining. Find out more and get involved now. 

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