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Veterans Empowered to Success (V.E.T.S.) is a non-profit organization registered with the Georgia Secretary of State, is a Veteran Owned Business, with 501(c3) status pending, accepted by the Internal Revenue Service on 09/07/15.

V.E.T.S. truly understands the complexities veterans face in reclaiming their mental and emotional stability which results in their disconnection to civilian life.

We partner with other veteran-service providers, the corporate community, civic organizations, and volunteers to overcome obstacles many veterans encounter upon their return to civilian life.

Treatment results for each patient are scientifically documented and collected in accordance with government regulations so that the protocols can eventually be adopted by the VA and DoD and civilian medical system to improve therapeutic and medical treatments throughout the medical system.

As they are treated and after they are treated we request they provide support to the Veteran and Community Healing Center operations, so that the improvement in their lives can be provided to others as it has been to them.

Together, we are positively impacting the duality of life for all veterans.

With your help, we can provide the following:

Free Veteran access to Tesla lights, EMDR, and Integrative Energetic health practitioners and facilitators throughout Metro Atlanta.

Assurance that Veterans are properly guided and provided customized resources based on their individual needs.

Outreach to all Veterans, Veteran family members and civilian communities in the Metro Atlanta areas and beyond.

Who We Are
Veterans Empowered to Success (V.E.T.S.)
A non-profit community organization with a collective of emotional and mental health practitioners and facilitators uniquely poised to effect real positive change in our Veteran’s lives, operating through our Veteran and Community Healing Centers.

Our Vision
To provide a comprehensive holistic approach to successful Veteran integration into their local communities. We are the “go-to” resource for Veterans’ transition.

Our Mission
To educate, transform and empower Veterans by offering emotional and mental well-being through outreach, teachings and support.
To act as a liaison and be a valuable resource for Veterans in the areas of home stability, wealth creation, gainful employment and education.

Who We Serve
We serve all Veterans, families of Veterans and the communities in which Veterans support.

What We Do ……Healing for a Better Future…

We offer a series of educational seminars with industry experts to provide information/guidance to Veterans, families of Veterans and their communities on the causes, challenges, symptoms, and solutions in overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For our outreach program, we present and perform live demonstrations at health and energy expositions, to broaden our reach and increase understanding of energetic solutions.
We provide a safe environment inclusive of respect, trust, open dialogue and relationship building, where seeds of acceptance, positivity and love foster mental and emotional well-being. We utilize integrative energetic processes designed to transform subpar or ordinary lives into extraordinary, successful and productive lives.
We are a Veteran community partner for life helping Veterans understand themselves and their world in a positive, stable manner, so that they can begin to live authentically. We provide resources and tools necessary to create successful empowering lives by acting as a liaison between the Veteran and Veteran centric organizations.

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